Every project begins with a vision, an idea jotted down on paper, a collection of scribbles that become sketches, dreams that become reality with every handshake, desires, approaches, hopes and lots of action driven by the true passion to create. For us, real estate development means having the ability to break through the boundaries of space and walls, redefine what's already known, pour our souls into a project and turn a building into a coveted place for investors and tenants - a place where belief and partnership can grow. When you choose to join us, you become our partner. We believe in this partnership, and it keeps us committed to our buyers, tenants, suppliers, neighbours and the environment in which we operate. We keep our partners in mind at all times, aiming for excellence and committed to doing our very best and maintaining transparency so we can talk, solve problems and grow together into the next phase. We consider it a privilege to be part of designing the urban view of a city and show something of ourselves in each and every development we do. Every time, with each building, it's slightly different, but we are always the same. We only choose projects that match our values and excite us, and we always pursue them in close personal collaboration with you, hand-in-hand through the entire process. Every building and its energy, vision, design and execution, creates a unique story that can never be told in a different location in the world.

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partnership is a choice

Joining us is a decision, to trust us, to believe in our way, to join us and take part in our mutual dream. You're invited to participate in our journey as we become part of the future of the city and preserve it, one project at a time. Come with us and together we will write a new chapter in the story of the city.

Maya sasson,

project manager

Maya levy,

marketing manager

Shai parientte,

Finance and strategy

Orit dvora,

concept and design

Yuval Riklis,

co founder, managing partner

Eran Romano,

co founder


co founder

Projects in the beating heart of the city - everywhere

We believe in aiming high, being the best, achieving success and always being at the center of things wherever we go. This approach leads us to initiate projects in the best locations in the center of Israel's and the world's biggest cities.

our projects

Our collection of projects shows who we are and our passion for the profession. Every project is carefully selected and the character of every neighborhood and every street is important to us. We make sure to express our uniqueness by combining technologies, innovation trends and consideration for the urban environment around a project. Every project is in balance with our values and vision, and we work until we reach the perfect result without compromise. That is our business card, our job, and our love and joy.

international projects

Amsterdam 134
Singel 134
Wintersteinstr. 19
Wintersteinstr. 19
Berlin - Charlottenburg
Dörpfeldstr. 5
Dörpfeldstr. 5,
Berlin - Adlershof
Manhattan NYC
Manhattan NYC,
159 East

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